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Acoustic Solutions for every business

When endeavouring to design a good acoustic environment there are two main factors to be aware of: the ambient noise within the room and the reverberation time of the space.

Ambient noise can come from a number of sources including sound transferring from adjacent rooms or corridors, speech, mechanical equipment inside the space and noises coming in from outside. Sound insulation or attenuation prevents noise from outside disturbing those inside the building. Acoustic absorption within a room is important if you want to reduce the reverberation time which can help improve speech intelligibility and clarity.

By installing sound absorption and insulation materials architects are able to control and alter the reverberation time in a space. High sound absorption is achieved because of the light weight porous materials the ceilings are made from which is why suspended ceilings are an extremely cost-effective solution for controlling ambient noise and reverberation.

Suspended ceilings offer a number of options to choose from in terms of appearance and performance. A wide selection of face patterns, sizes and shapes are available to suit any interior design, offering everything from enhanced sound absorption for areas such as atriums and halls, to higher sound attenuation for corridors and circulation zones adjacent to teaching or office spaces. In older buildings, a suspended ceiling is not always viable because of architectural features or a low ceiling height. In these situations, ceiling rafts or baffles are a good option to provide the necessary acoustic control. Rafts offer flexible and stylish solutions in a wide range of shapes and colours. They allow the creation of elegant designs and produce a contemporary look; their bright and colourful appearance is particularly appealing to young children.

In schools, high noise levels mean that teachers sometimes end up leaving work with headaches and suffering with sore throats from having to shout to be heard. The installation of ceiling tiles and rafts with high sound absorption makes a dramatic difference to the staff and pupils and classrooms can be turned into calm learning environments with acoustical solutions.

Wall absorbers can be used, either in conjunction with an acoustic ceiling or independently, to improve room acoustics and many offer higher impact resistance to cope with tough daily use in leisure centres or educational environments. Wall absorbers manufactured from mineral wool panels offer superior sound absorption and can make eye-catching decorative wall coverings.

At Evolve we provide solutions for all acoustical issues faced in different buildings and various workplaces. And a good number of the solutions can be even achieved with minimal disruption to the day-to-day workplace as installation is done on walls and ceilings without having to change the building structure and by simply adding decorative material to the current space.

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