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Editor's Letter

What befuddles me is that whilst the Porters and Ansoffs and Maslows of the world are cited as deserved in business books, arguably the greatest connoisseurs of negotiation are never ever mentioned; the Sherman Brothers wallow in obscurity, at least within the sphere of business academia.

Our authors can however be forgiven for not referring tothese gentlemen, as they aren’t business advisors, lecturers or veteran leaders, but rather past employees of Walt Disney. Very successful songwriting employees whose careers rewarded them with multiple Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, the National Medal of Arts by their American President, their very own star on the Holywood Wall of Fame. And so on and so forth. The relevance is that a by-product of their work is an utterly brilliant song line which embodies the very essence of strategy.

Though they are remembered, unknowingly or not, every time one hears Walt Disney’s “It’s a Small World After All”, or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s title song, I remember them most of all for their work on ‘Mary Poppins’. “A Spoonful of Sugar” carries within it the immortal line “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”. It seems to me that if our leaders were to hum their song on the way to work every morning, Malta would be a far better country to work from.

This is exactly why the referendum to close spring hunting couldn’t possibly have worked. An attempt at forcing medicine down evidently reluctant throats has happened without any promised following spoonfuls of sugar at all. The most plausible argument I have heard against abolishing spring hunting is that there isn’t much of an alternative to it in Malta for hunters.

But what about abroad? I reckon that had we offered our current licence holders tax subsidies to travel with licenced agents to hunting destinations abroad - which in turn would have prompted turnover, the referendum outcome would have been different.

Last modified onSaturday, 23 May 2015 16:31

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