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The Executive Visual Interview Series: The Man, The Businessman, The Philanthropist

Tony Guillaumier is a man of many hats. He is a most successful businessman, a prominent man in various local organisations and also the man who set up the Richmond Foundation. He is an innovator, a mentor and a man who is looked up to by most people who know him or have heard of him. In interviewing Tony, Victor Calleja was accompanied by Charles Calleja, who recorded Tony’s facial expressions. Unlike most people faced with a barrage of questions, Guillaumier never faltered. And even without a lie-detector, one would say from his body language and eye-contact that the man is genuine and relaxed with all he has done and achieved. In the frank interview with pictures that follows you too can gauge not just his words but also his various expressions. Except for very minor editing for continuity the interview is basically in its raw state.


Green initiatives led by business entities

WasteServ is committed towards establishing and maintaining an innovative waste management infrastructure which also protects the environment and society. The Company is also the national promoter of waste management education in Malta. Speaking about the Company’s purpose, WasteServ Chief Executive Officer, Tonio Montebello said that “WasterServ is also responsible for the management of municipal waste and recycling methods. We manage waste by maximising the extraction of good quality recyclable materials and by generating renewable energy as part of our sustainable contribution to the Maltese Islands.”


An overview of the Skillsoft e-Learning platform

Phaedrus, written circa 370 BC is an interesting Socratic dialogue addressing the question of love, but also delving in some depth in the area of rhetoric. In the passages relating to the latter, Socrates puts forward the argument that the spoken medium is superior to the written medium as discourse offers space for questioning, challenging and responding. In addition, Socrates argued that the spoken medium can reach more easily the masses and that writing leads to a weakening of the mental faculties through the reliance on an external agent for recollection. It is somewhat ironic therefore that Socrates’ arguments made their ways through our own age through the written medium, the initial sharing of Plato, the transition through the Arabs and on to the modern age.


When Appraisal Systems Fail

The French revolution was a peculiar point in history in that quick judgements and vindications were carried out not only for those that were initially perceived to be perpetrators of social injustice, but shortly after, even for those that were deemed to be the paladins of the people. Thus Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, but also Maximilien Robespierre and Louis de Saint-Just had opportunity to taste the effectiveness of Joseph Guillotine’s nefarious invention. Within organisations, employees often fear the appraisal much in the same way as the French monarchs feared the guillotine and it is important that organisations develop the appropriate processes, technical tools, and the right communication channels to ensure that the employees’ fear is averted.


Multigas Chooses Exigy to Implement their Quality Management Solution

Exigy has been appointed to deliver a Quality Management Solution at Multigas, a leading local organisation that provides a complete range of atmospheric and special gases. Operating mainly within the industrial and healthcare segments, Multigas aims at being a supplier of choice, and is thus committed to ensure constant adherence to international quality standards.


The Toyota Auris – convenience, effectiveness and reliability

A correspondent at The Executive was recently offered to test drive the new Toyota Auris - and agreed without a second thought. Much has been heard about the new Auris: its gadgets, smooth drive and punch. What was not expected was the level of internal comfort and luxury of the drive. Getting into this car gives the driver a feeling of comfort and security.


Palazzo Castelletti: Rabat’s very own Historical palace

Palazzo Castelletti is a historical palace situated in the heart of Rabat that promises to provide patrons and guests alike with a unique cultural and culinary experience. This architectural gem has long been kept hidden from the public as it has undergone over 10 years of painstaking renovation to finally restore the palazzo to its past glory.


Editor's Letter

What befuddles me is that whilst the Porters and Ansoffs and Maslows of the world are cited as deserved in business books, arguably the greatest connoisseurs of negotiation are never ever mentioned; the Sherman Brothers wallow in obscurity, at least within the sphere of business academia.

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