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Editor's Letter

Is being a leader a cushy job nowadays?

I think not; the business leader has collective performance pressures rather than individual or departmental ones. So at times I feel that the added burden of strenuous heart-pumpings to our leaders is not compensated sufficiently by the feelings and benefits of self-actualisation and the financial rewards they gain by handling such roles.

Whilst many of us are the high-flyers of our little island, many more are well-placed executives. For those of us who have reached or surpassed the 45-year age demographic of The Executive ’s average reader, it is high time for us to succumb to whatever it is that life threw at us, or to whatever we’ve made out of it. From here on, chances are that breakthroughs in our careers will not happen. And dreaming for more is most probably just that a dream.

How many of us push our children to become good followers? Not many, I would think. And yet the people I envy today aren’t the top dogs of our businesses. They’re either specialists who tend to be the pillars of their employment, or line managers who are strong performers and whose levels of stress are synonymous with the lower level of responsibility that is bestowed upon the role. Whilst such things should not deter our folk from seeking higher rungs on the ladder of personal growth, we are shown by "Where Have all the Followers gone? " the sheer indispensability as well as the highly respectable connotations of being professional followers rather than the leaders and champions of the show.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank John Andrews for allowing me the pleasure of having interviewed him.

Enjoy your read.

Jason Attard

Last modified onSaturday, 11 April 2015 07:43

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