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WHY VS ‘What?’

If you’re into football, you’ll know that tactics alone don’t win anything, F.C. Barcelona, for example, do not just deploy great tactics but they also have great players and a phenomenal attacking strategy, whereby it allows them to switch tactics in the same match and still win games as their underlying strategy will always be that of keeping ball possession and wait for the right opening in their opponent’s defence line.


Plus ça change

Fashions change, sometimes drastically. See any photo of yourself thirty or twenty years ago and if you don’t laugh at yourself, your hairstyle, your shirt and tie, or dress or makeup, you definitely have a serious problem, the operative word being serious. You need to take yourself rather more lightly and learn how to laugh more, at yourself, at life, at anything around you.


Marketing and Social Media

The rise of social media provides significant challenges to marketing practitioners. Some understanding of what is going on is essential for effective decision-making. The significant growth in marketing in the late 1940’s and 1950’s came about with the rise of mass production, that could provide for a huge market represented by middle America and the concomitant rise of mass media, that made it possible for manufacturers to reach a willing market. It was especially the time when advertising became an important marketing tool. A similar parallel can be drawn with the rise of web 2.0, social media and how customers interact. It is this aspect that will be first discussed followed by an example of a success and a failure story, the need for a social media planning process and certain pitfalls, conveniently termed as the seven deadly sins, that managers should seek to avoid.

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