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Editor's Page

Long have I suspected that every person unwittingly wears his soul upon his face. The kind-heartedness of a person is mirrored onto his facial demeanour, methinks. And down to the more mundane, there is the study of physiognomy - herein understood to signify the appearance of a person’s facial features. This study has been going on for centuries; in fact in the 5th Century B.C. Pythagoras was already basing his student selection upon how they looked.

If positive characteristical traits are embeddable within a person’s face, it could be argued that uncharismatic features display an evil core, and that, likewise, good looking people could not be evil. But whilst “Bloody Mary” the 1st of England doesn’t seem to have been much of a looker, Osama Bin Laden was arguably a good looking man.

Whatever the reality behind the study of the face may be, it is an undeniable fact that the likeability of the CEO behind a company on the stock market directly affects stock performance. This factor has inspired the journal to conduct its first visual interview, with a person who is known for his affability. I wish to thus thank Ivan Bartolo, the original founder of 6PM and the current Chief Executive Officer of 6PM Holdings plc, for his patience in having allowed us to subject him to this unique interview.

Enjoy your read.
Jason Attard

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