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COUPLE CARDS’s fun: Helping Relationships grow stronger

CoupleCards is an innovative idea which helps couples develop the necessary skills to communicate, connect and strengthen their relationships.

Each card carries a message which if selected by a couple member, would convey a feeling to the partner. The back of each card carries hints which can be used to help the couple convey their feelings in regards to the message being specifically carried by the card in question.

It is human nature for the other person to bring up the past in such instances. This often widens argumentation. This is one of what the cards describe as ‘bad moves’.

Going through a bad move may harm the relationship and is not conducive to solving the problem.

At Couple Cards, we want couples to find the time and place to discuss their issues, to each other’s feelings and needs and to share them with their loved ones in a loving way.
The cards display a number of ‘good moves’. These are a tool set, packed with techniques and positive experiences which can be used to develop the relationship.

Making use of good moves creates a level of intimacy within the couple which will contribute to solving the problem.

Once the couple has played a number of good moves, then comes the ‘Making Up’; the couple can solve the issue in a ‘winwin’ situation. Many times one finds that, having discussed the problem, the problem mightn’t have been that problematic after all.

What price would you pay to help couples strengthen their relationship? It is priceless, so the idea is to give Couple Cards as a gift in workshops which all couples are invited to attend.

The initiative is run on a completely voluntary basis by Relationships are Forever Foundation. The foundation welcomes donations & sponsors. For more information visit www.couple


Editor's Page

Long have I suspected that every person unwittingly wears his soul upon his face. The kind-heartedness of a person is mirrored onto his facial demeanour, methinks. And down to the more mundane, there is the study of physiognomy - herein understood to signify the appearance of a person’s facial features. This study has been going on for centuries; in fact in the 5th Century B.C. Pythagoras was already basing his student selection upon how they looked.


WHY VS ‘What?’

If you’re into football, you’ll know that tactics alone don’t win anything, F.C. Barcelona, for example, do not just deploy great tactics but they also have great players and a phenomenal attacking strategy, whereby it allows them to switch tactics in the same match and still win games as their underlying strategy will always be that of keeping ball possession and wait for the right opening in their opponent’s defence line.


Plus ça change

Fashions change, sometimes drastically. See any photo of yourself thirty or twenty years ago and if you don’t laugh at yourself, your hairstyle, your shirt and tie, or dress or makeup, you definitely have a serious problem, the operative word being serious. You need to take yourself rather more lightly and learn how to laugh more, at yourself, at life, at anything around you.


Marketing and Social Media

The rise of social media provides significant challenges to marketing practitioners. Some understanding of what is going on is essential for effective decision-making. The significant growth in marketing in the late 1940’s and 1950’s came about with the rise of mass production, that could provide for a huge market represented by middle America and the concomitant rise of mass media, that made it possible for manufacturers to reach a willing market. It was especially the time when advertising became an important marketing tool. A similar parallel can be drawn with the rise of web 2.0, social media and how customers interact. It is this aspect that will be first discussed followed by an example of a success and a failure story, the need for a social media planning process and certain pitfalls, conveniently termed as the seven deadly sins, that managers should seek to avoid.


The Business Dance: What leotards and pirouettes can teach business leaders

Sarah Lanzon is a professional dancer who has made her professional debut in 2006, when she was chosen to choreograph a 30-minute performance for the opening ceremony of the Euro-Med Congress of Radiographers held in Malta. Since then, Sarah has taken her dancing career to new heights and has recently started her own business which is based upon her passion for dancing and helping others.


Ivan The Great Communicator

The man is an engine of success. He started a company, saw it grow, and developed it successfully in the ultra difficult international field of software development. He remained at its helm, brought in partners and turned it into a publicly-listed company. A few months ago 6PM was a finalist in the European Business Awards, a most prestigious acclamation which means more international recognition. But 6PM’s most important recognition has been its core clients who have always seen in Ivan Bartolo and his team a reliable partner and support network for all their business.



Wouldn’t you like to eliminate paper-based and Excel Timesheets? The MAP.TIME Timesheet solution allows your employees to enter time worked on particular projects in an easy to use and simple web based system. You can then manage billing, track productivity and view reports to aid in your project management.


Accord Insurance Brokers PCC Ltd: a company transformed

Accord Insurance Brokers PCC Ltd may be a new name in the insurance market, however the broking firm, previously known as KDM Insurance Brokers PCC Ltd, is no stranger to the industry. The company has been offering insurance broking services to its clients for a number of years, and many of these clients have been with them since its inception. “We are happy to partner with the M. Demajo Group, which has over a century of experience in various commercial sectors, Godwin Bencini, the insurance expert and Graham Bencini, a Certified Public Accountant by profession, and to have them on board as shareholders within the operation,” said Mr. Kenneth De Martino, company chairman. “With Godwin Bencini in the driving seat as Managing Director, we are confident that we can exploit the right synergies to maximise the potential of our operation.”


3a Global Meeting held in November 2014 in Malta

A year ago, in November 2013, 3a launched its 3a Global Network, with the Malta and Cyprus firms becoming the founding members of this network. 3a Global Network has therefore become Malta’s first association of audit, accountancy and advisory firms which has utilised the experience of a jurisdiction with a diverse range of foreign investment and business involved in an array of different industries, to develop a network for member firms with similar objectives and values who seek to grow and handle clients with both a local and international growth perspective.

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