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One thing is understanding the close relationship between the happy employee and the happy customer - it is doubtful whether any of us fail to recognise the need to keep staff motivated. Another thing is to effectively manage to keep the people smiling. Particularly so when facing harder times, managers tend to become more demanding and more intrusive with their teams. And more often than not, such possibly necessary action erodes from Maslow’s higher rungs of the pyramid of staff needs, and rubs the distinction between champions and standard team players into a yet finer and more smudged line.

Should we expect those who excel to define themselves as team players? You’re either the best at what you do, or you’re one of the crowd; one simply cannot be inherently both at the same time. But highlighting this detachment in turn would cause dissent amongst those who haven’t quite gotten there yet.

It is those of us who have mastered the art of managing their knowledge who are running the most sustainable businesses. And more so than retaining the knowledge is the dire need of making sure that it does not slip out from our fingers. Chances are that there’s someone under our palms with jaws wide open.

‘Employee Engagement and Performance Management’ highlights the need to not only own organisational culture which instigates trust and is fair but which must also carry structure which ensures smooth career progression for both specialist and follower alike.

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