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Employee Engagement and Performance Management

The term “Employee Engagement” has taken on a new dimension within the Human Resource function and companies today are striving to develop ways within which their employees are “aligned” to the strategic mission of the firm. Alignment does lead to more motivated, higher performing, cohesive and engaged employees.  The reason for this hype is that research evidence has shown that “engaged employees” display a superior sense of purpose, are able to focus their energies, display personal initiative and effort, are more persistent in problem solving, are sick less often and are constantly aware of corporate goals and therefore display goal oriented behaviour. They can also be contagious spreading their enthusiasm to their peers.


Editor's Page

One thing is understanding the close relationship between the happy employee and the happy customer - it is doubtful whether any of us fail to recognise the need to keep staff motivated. Another thing is to effectively manage to keep the people smiling. Particularly so when facing harder times, managers tend to become more demanding and more intrusive with their teams. And more often than not, such possibly necessary action erodes from Maslow’s higher rungs of the pyramid of staff needs, and rubs the distinction between champions and standard team players into a yet finer and more smudged line.


On why Good Writing is the New Boxing

Effective writing, as an art, remains elusive to many. It is central to a plot, argument or sales pitch. Writing is more ubiquitous than ever these days, with the written word dominating the Internet. So what is it that makes good writing, good? Those who are keen to learn the basics are willing to invest in acquiring the skills needed to grab the attention of readers. Analogies such as ‘content is king’ have been put forward to simplify the process, yet results still vary.


ALBERTA: global provider of total fire, safety and security systems

Alberta is a global provider of total fire, safety and security systems. We offer a multidisciplinary approach by working with strategic partners to deliver large-scale solutions to protect people, property and assets, ensuring business safety and continuity sensitive to the environment and human needs.

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