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Time and Attendance – A sure way to manage an unwanted cost

One may perceive the Time and Attendance process to be simply logging the events of people’s moving in and out of a work site mainly for remuneration purposes. Well it is that, but it is also much more. The description above proclaims Time and Attendance in its most basic form as it takes the ‘old’ style mechanical punch clocks duties. Things have come a very long way since the punch card era.

The process nowadays has improved exponentially and given business owners much better control of how they pay their wages and salaries more correctly and dramatically reducing the mandatory instinct for employee to get a ‘fast one’ on the boss. We hear of innumerable stories of how employees cheat and some are hilarious at one point and downright corrupt and criminal in another. Technology now offers those with commitment to really address such money leaks from their organisation a multitude of reliable solutions. At a high level one needs to identify uniquely a clocking in/out event by a person and at a site and time that reflects the actual event occurrence. Solutions of this type typically identify a person, accept or reject the event, capture a reason as to why the event is happening and a site from where the event is happening from. A massive problem to address is ‘Buddy Punching’ which is a very common cost leak and which has nothing to do with any familiar sport. It’s about Mr. A clocking In/Out for Mr. B who is nowhere in sight, at least not near his work place anyway!

To address this, technology has once again come to our rescue to give us what is probably one of the organisational investments one can do which gives the best return in a very short time. Instruments meant for this purpose must have the ability to recognise a person and that only that one person is making the due event on his/her behalf and nobody else. This is typically done by using biometrics (measurable biological characteristics) where instruments can identify individuals through the use of things like fingerprints, facial dimensions, iris structure, voice patterns, and hand geometry etc. Technology alone however may not get you to do the extra mile. A team of support personnel should always accompany the solution you go for before as well as after you commit.

But more than identification of individuals, management would like to have information as to where the person has created the event from, at what exact time the event was logged, and/or the reason for the event happening.

In this way unnecessary and/or incorrect overtime payments will be avoided, late events will be disciplined and costs saved, safety considerations as to the whereabouts of individuals are enhanced, remuneration of individuals happens more fairly and with much better efficiency and free from error. Management can also run production management and project costing profiles more effectively.

DataByte Limited has been active on this market for over two decades. This long number of years has given our support team the opportunity to meet with most of the labour events and patterns that are worth noting to compile personalised Time and Attendance solutions for real value added. Our research and development has induced us to garner a strong knowledge pool in the matter and so we can offer optimal service to both new entrants as well as experienced clients in the field. This long experience has put us as market leaders and the obvious choice for your business of controlling the event management of your employees. This offering also aligns itself to create a seamless integration to the company’s own payroll service so that we can offer our clients with a total solution.

Link up to or call DataByte on 23456 300 and join the hundreds of companies who give us good testimony.

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