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Build your Team...and Find the Treasure!

Speaking to the team-building experts at Outdoor Living, The Executive discovers the many activity options on offer, including the inimitable Wildgoose Treasure Hunts that are now available in Malta.

It’s not quite a normal day at the office when you spot one of your staff members rushing across the capital city – iPad in hand and desperately searching for a clue. Elsewhere, your other team members have their heads together as they gather information against the clock, excitedly working to solve the puzzle and find the treasure. No, this may not be a typical day at the office for you and your colleagues, but it is certainly a day that is going to lead to great things. It is a day when you all focus on one, lively activity that increases creativity and has lasting effects that will give you successful, new ways of working together for years to come.

Perfectly-organised, this type of activity – a dedicated team-building activity – is also best left in the hands of the experts, who will know exactly how to tailor your day for you. One such authority on the topic is Outdoor Living – easily one of Malta’s most established and respected team-building companies which, for 10 years, has been helping teams to effectively build their skills in a common direction, aiding them to brilliantly-boost communication and work towards a shared goal. Each of their activities is executed in a fantastically-fun way that really engages everyone in attendance. Thus, they offer options to suit every occasion, with a vast portfolio of full and half-day programmes.

“We have now created a jam-packed, state-of-the-art treasure hunt that can take participants all over Malta,” explains Danica Fava, director of Outdoor Living. “It’s such fun and there are all sorts of themes to fit any occasion, including our City Explorer, Pub Explorer, Spy Catcher, Island Explorer, Around Malta in 60 Minutes and more. We can even tailor each hunt to the individual needs of our corporate clients using bespoke challenges, so that will make it wholly unique to the organisation in question.”

So why not take your team on a treasure hunt that will positively transform the way they think about their workplace? Or challenge them to any one of the brilliant activities in the extensive Outdoor Living portfolio? It will be an experience that you will all cherish, and learn from, forever!

Wondering about the benefits of team building? Here’s some!

It will improve productivity as your employees learn to work together work effectively and produce work more efficiently. Team building activities often give employees the chance to highlight ways of improving processes, policies or procedures that have had limited productivity in the past.

Increased motivation is also a fantastic side effect of team-building. Employees will become more confident, will gain the trust of their fellow employees and will see that their employers are willing to invest in their success.

One of the biggest challenges of day-to-day business is quick problem-solving, and team building helps with this too. Through activities, team members work out how to overcome barriers and achieve their goals in the best manner possible.

Finally, it also boosts creativity, as it takes people out of their usual environment and gives them something new and exciting to work on. It helps them to use their imagination and transfer their new skills back to the workplace.

For more information kindly contact the Outdoor Living Team on 2138 1102 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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