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Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Is it time to give up your spreadsheets?

We cannot deny the fact that everyone loves a good spreadsheet. However, if your company employs more than a hundred employees; Human Resources (HR), tracking performance, training, and succession planning using spreadsheets is the stuff of nightmares. Spreadsheets and paper-based processes cannot provide deep, real-time insight into how employees are performing or how to make them—and your company - more effective.

HR can be especially difficult for growing businesses. Things seem so simple when you have just a handful of people. However, as teams start to grow, information needs to be organised and managed, company policies need to be enforced and the responsibilities of the HR team quickly expand.

With all the manual entry involved to maintain spreadsheets and documents, it is inevitable that mistakes will occur. It is also extremely difficult to track and manage HR processes that may require approval from multiple people. When a company starts to grow, these problems only worsen.

Nowadays, HR management software is far more than simply a web-based repository of employee information. Human resources software has evolved into becoming a fully fledged centralised source of real-time, rich and up-to-date employee data. This software enables company business leaders to make strategic decisions and improve overall business efficiency and performance.

A centralised human resources software solution such as the DakarHR system empowers employees and their managers to communicate on how individual goals relate to the company’s goals and to ease the process of HR performance on these goals. Ensuring that your employees are constantly aware of your company’s vision can contribute to the company’s core mission.

With all the HR related information gathered in a single place, easily accessible via the Internet 24/7, managers are able to view and manage employee information with feedback gathered throughout a company, creating a richer and more complete picture of an employee.

The most highly sought after human resource software solutions include a centralised database of employee information beyond the basic HR hire date and salary information. Many include an employee directory, performance appraisals, leave management, organisation charting, overtime approvals, employee scheduling, payroll and ultimately a consolidated database of all employee information which is visible throughout the entire company. Due to the fact that employees are comfortably sharing information about themselves on a deeper level, they are encouraged to collaborate along lines not previously realised.

The DakarHR system is robust enough to function as your main HR data solution, integrating seamlessly into other systems such as performance appraisals, time & attendance, benefits, payroll and accounts. This eliminates time-consuming data duplication and reduces the likelihood of human error in the data entry process.

With pre-configured and also customisable reports and auditing capabilities, the DakarHR system has the ability to meet regulatory compliance and answer key HR-related questions all within one centralised system. You can use this data to pinpoint and analyse trends throughout your company and generate customised reports empowering executives, managers, and frontline employees to run “what-if” scenarios and use strong data analysis to make more informed decisions.

Do you have the right HR tools? Not if you’re still using spreadsheets for your recordkeeping. One of the reasons why HR Departments in small and mid-size companies do not use a true HR information system (HRIS) is the perception that they can’t afford one — this is simply not true! The DakarHR system is a fully comprehensive and affordable HR solution.

Your people are a powerful resource and recognising top talent is essential to keeping them. However, if you rely on spreadsheets, you will never really know who your top talent is or what they’re contributing. With HR tools designed to identify and incentivise high performers, the DakarHR system ensures that you hold onto your top performers. A recent survey found that businesses with tightly aligned talent processes experienced 40% less turnover of high performers and had a 156% greater ability to “develop great leaders.”

Spreadsheets can’t bridge the gap between people management and your CEO’s business goals. An integrated HR management system such as the DakarHR system helps you find and keep the best talent, plan for succession, and spend less time on data gathering—and more time on strategy.

So where do you start? Contact us today for a free no obligation demonstration of the DakarHR system fully integrated with the Dakar Payroll. Over the past 20 years Dakar Software Systems has helped over 1600 clients develop their HR systems with tools that are both powerful and easy to use.

Nowadays, HR management software is far more than simply a web-based repository of employee information.

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