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Editor's Page

Human Resources as a term is not much in fashion, instead of which we are today urged to simply say ‘People’. This stems from the fact that resources may be commoditised, and thus, abused. And in 2001, the International Labour Organization’s revisiting of its 1975 ‘Recommendation 150’ on Human Resources Development resulted in the “Labour is not a commodity” mantra.

But what is a commodity? According to the Oxford Dictionary, it’s nothing more than a raw material that can be bought or sold (such as copper or coffee). And raw material, from an accounting perspective, is all those component parts currently in stock that have not yet been used. The definition goes further to say that there are two subcategories of raw materials, which are direct materials (materials incorporated into the final product, such as a portrait’s canvas) and indirect materials (such as the artist’s easel).

This all seems to me to be synonymuous with people, and with managing them. People are an indirect material employed in creating or  assembling a final product. Yours truly, for example, is busy hammering away at his long-suffering keyboard and is thus clearly definable as a means to an end; the end being the output of issue no 59. And our illustrious contributors are a priceless source of stock. Why should this irk us? And how could the clarity lead to abuse?

Whilst not all subjects are specifically devoted to the management of People (though most are), they all nonetheless speak about human matters. A case in point is the article arguing benefits (and lack thereof) of not opening a limited liability company, instead choosing to operate as an indivual.

This issue has focused intensely on issues pertaining to HR, and I wish to thank not only our esteemed regular suppliers of stock, and our customers, but also those who contributed to the HR elements of this issue, namely being Josef Said of Konnekt fame, whose insightful article is presented to us on page 29; and our Special Feature contributors as displayed within the Table of Contents.

Jason Attard

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