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I’m writing this while a gale is blowing, with the rain coming down in its proverbial canine and feline proportions. I’m not a great lover of rain or wind and I can’t say I ever get too raptured by seeing the YouTube top 100 videos of Fido and his bosom friend Pussy.


Time and Attendance – A sure way to manage an unwanted cost

One may perceive the Time and Attendance process to be simply logging the events of people’s moving in and out of a work site mainly for remuneration purposes. Well it is that, but it is also much more. The description above proclaims Time and Attendance in its most basic form as it takes the ‘old’ style mechanical punch clocks duties. Things have come a very long way since the punch card era.


Q&A With an Executive Dennis Camilleri - TRADE FINANCE EXPERTISE you can Bank on

In these last 20 years Malta has changed drastically. It has registered substantial success in keeping economically buoyant in difficult times. But one of the biggest steps the country took was when it ventured, prudently but shrewdly into the financial services sector, moving from a small player to a recognised and envied jurisdiction.


Transforming business relationships

Customers are changing, the world in which they operate is changing, the technology their employees use is changing, and so Epicor ERP is changing too. There is a competitive advantage to be gained if you offer a superior customer experience and the companies who can respond to market demands quickly, who are agile enough to adapt to the changes around them, who can leverage the knowledge, experience and skills within their own organisation and of their supply chain partners are the ones who gain this advantage.


The Evolution of Recruitment in Malta

OVER THE PAST 20 YEARS the landscape of the Maltese labour market has changed significantly.  Employers remain very demanding about their needs, particularly as their businesses are exposed to increased competition. As they change into more knowledge driven outfits, however, the small scale of the market and the relatively low percentage of those in the working population with tertiary qualifications makes finding the right talent a challenge.


Sole Trading vs LTD: pros & cons

One of the most common questions persons looking to start their business ask is whether they should start as a sole trader or else whether to set-up a limited liability company. This short article aims to provide the reader with a synopsis of the pros and cons of both approaches and list down the factors one should consider in arriving to a decision.


20 Years of service to the HR industry in Malta

Dakar Software Systems is now 20 years old.  The company began operating officially in 1994 when David Schranz, founder, CEO and Chief Software Architect, registered the company as a limited liability company in Malta. It was the beginning of what, years down the line, would be Malta's leading software house specialising in people management solutions.  In fact, for many years, Dakar has been considered as the de facto standard in human resources software in Malta.


Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Is it time to give up your spreadsheets?

We cannot deny the fact that everyone loves a good spreadsheet. However, if your company employs more than a hundred employees; Human Resources (HR), tracking performance, training, and succession planning using spreadsheets is the stuff of nightmares. Spreadsheets and paper-based processes cannot provide deep, real-time insight into how employees are performing or how to make them—and your company - more effective.


Developing Organisation Knowledge

Many are aware of the importance of implementing effective knowledge management in organisations.  However, the challenges are not few!  This article discusses two basic approaches in identifying and managing knowledge in  organisations and how these can be managed to develop a knowledge creating organisation.


Frozen in Time and deprived of data

Information is the basis for all decisions. One of the dilemmas facing today’s manager is that on the one hand they seem to be suffering from information overload, yet on other hand, they often complain about shortage of information needed to make vital decisions.


Editor's Page

Human Resources as a term is not much in fashion, instead of which we are today urged to simply say ‘People’. This stems from the fact that resources may be commoditised, and thus, abused. And in 2001, the International Labour Organization’s revisiting of its 1975 ‘Recommendation 150’ on Human Resources Development resulted in the “Labour is not a commodity” mantra.

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