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Editor's Page

When reading the interviews which have recently peppered our media (including the journal - please view the interview with prospective new MEPs on page 04), one notes the impressively strong traits, views and core competences of the individual politicians, and can but hope that these strengths will manage to pull the required strings on our behalf more so than on behalf of the political stakeholders.

That the MEP is to serve the politics before s/he can serve the people should neither resolve us from our moral obligation to vote, nor hinder him and her from greatly helping people and country.

On a lighter note, so to speak, it was interesting to compare the current tug of war between the West (the US and the EU) and Russia with Ukraine, to Russia and Ukraine’s performances in the hapless Eurovision song contest. One could argue that since Ukraine placed 6th and Russia 7th and therefore both performed in line with their medians and averages, Europe hasn’t been overtly influenced by the happenings,  and people’s perception towards these countries hasn’t changed much, if at all. Do they not give much of a toss, or are they refusing to be influenced by either sides’ propaganda? One wonders...

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