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Malta Business Taking a stand for business

Malta Business is exposing the Malta based firms exhibiting in the Expo to over 27 industry sectors and reaching out to link to Malta services to 25 countries. This will be achieved using an online tool which allows businesses to easily and effectively connect to potential clients and business partners in real-time, with the option to display their own branding material and stream corporate video.

The platform is designed to be easy to use, allowing players in all sectors to participate in the venture. By creating their own stand in the expo, the companies can upload news articles that demonstrate their business successes and even have possibility of translating news bulletins as part of the digital marketing campaign in several languages to target the foreign markets.

Malta Business offers Malta-based companies the possibility to offer and deliver their high quality services both nationally and internationally. The expo can complement companies’ marketing plans by providing extra leverage to launch one’s message onto the global business stage.

Bringing an international audience to your doorstep
The key focus of Malta Business is to bring a global audience to organisations that are based in Malta. It will serve as a permanent online exposition that will showcase the wide variety of high quality services and industries that work with clients nationally and overseas.

Just like a physical business expo, Malta Business will provide a wealth of opportunities for participants to forge global links and give valuable access to new leads that can take their business to the next level.

Unlike a physical exposition being open only for a small number of business days, a company’s stand in Malta Business is open 24/7, 365 days and welcomes interested parties at anytime. In fact, a key characteristic is that it has been engineered specifically to foster closer ties and open communication between businesses.

The driving force behind this concept is it aims to nurture a spirit of collaboration between local businesses. Already international companies, from 27 different industry sectors, have expressed great interest in the promise that Malta Business holds for their business. There is strength in numbers, and by investing in this tool, local companies can present a united image of a Malta that’s open for business. Local companies can thus gain value from the global digital marketing strategy, to generate new enquiries to their business and at the same time present a united image of Malta, showing Malta as a hub that’s open for business. The latter will play an important role within the global digital marketing strategy, to deliver updates regarding government announcements, business news alerts, product & service launches, events & conferences within the 27 industry sectors, reaching out to 25 countries, and the global digital marketing is to be delivered in several languages.

Malta Business adds a key element that contributes towards building on our island’s success in attracting foreign investing, a coherent and credible online platform. Like any expo, Malta Business won’t only represent local market leaders, but it will also provide an opportunity for the local government to market its incentives for international companies that are thinking about bringing their services to Malta.

The online expo is divided into five key areas that include the government pavilion, representative organisations, services and industries, expo partners and a news centre. The latter will play an important role in introducing to Malta a new strategy of marketing our local businesses, known as global digital marketing strategy. This pioneering effort will ensure that every business that invests in its own stand in the expo, will enjoy a strong return on investment in the form of widespread recognition and awareness of its services and contributions to the industry, both locally and abroad.

Introducing a global digital marketing strategy
One the key factors that underpins the groundbreaking contribution of Malta Business towards strengthening our local business scene is the global digital marketing strategy it will implement. The organisers behind the expo have actively invested a lot of time and money in planning a strategic approach in building and delivering a strong global digital marketing campaign that Maltese businesses will immediately benefit from once they join the expo.

True to its name, a global digital marketing strategy will give locally based companies an extended reach towards the most important markets in the world. The expo will be actively showcasing the representatives of our economy to 25 countries in Europe, Russia, Africa, the Gulf, the Middle East, as well as in many other regions.

Malta Business will not only open up a host of international business opportunities to local business, it will also play an active role in encouraging them. The online information centre within the expo will serve as a central repository of news and updates on expo participants, who are invited to contribute new information about their operations and recent successes.

A company exhibition stand within the Expo is placed within their relevant industry sectors of service and allows the options to upload multimedia resources to illustrate the better services it renders and the role it plays in the Maltese economy. Malta Business will turn it into a launch pad that helps business achieve wider recognition by strategically distributing news and company updates to their foreign links. To this end, the expo will be backed up by the expertise of a world-renowned digital marketing consultant who collaborated on various marketing projects with companies ranging from Apple, to Intel and Lufthansa.

Malta Business will be utilising global digital marketing to the full, even translating company news into different languages to target specifically foreign partners who might be most interested to strike up a deal with local service providers. The inform centre will also serve as careers marketplace, allowing participating companies to advertise openings and attract an international base of interested applicants.

Business networking on a company-to-company level
The Malta Business has been developed with simplicity in mind, offering local businesses a three-tiered structure that lets them choose the type of representation that best fits their needs.

A company can create a personalised profile on this online exposition, which is categorised by industry sector, and upload multimedia resources to illustrate better the services it renders and the role it plays in the Maltese economy. The amount of detail and customisation possible depends on the stand level that is chosen. A basic stand will be designed with the company branding & colours, providing the corporate profile and links to the company website and social media channels. On the other hand, a standard profile will allow companies to promote themselves and their individual products by placing up to 10 banner-style images that act as a visual complement to the information on screen, illustrating key aspects of a company’s background and current work. Finally premium stands will have access to host of more advanced and powerful branding features that will enable the participants to market their services and products more intensely to their prospects.

Malta Business targets both local and foreign end-users and provides a variety of methods to encourage interaction between the represented brands and potential clients. One example is the availability of an e-brochure which can be printed, downloaded and saved on a variety of devices. In other words, the Malta Business will not only serve as an online presence for local businesses, but equally importantly as a mobile presence as well. The Expo will also be linked to a smartphone app that provides direct access to the participating companies, as well as the opportunity to get in touch with them at any time.

One of the main benefits of the Malta Business is its networking potential, especially for local businesses seeking to grow beyond our shores. This platform acts as a one-stop shop both for businesses as well as investors who can join together in partnerships that wouldn’t have been possible without the clout, the prestige and the reach that an organised effort like Malta Business can provide.

An online platform that’s open for business
The developers of Malta Business have taken great care to improve user experience. The platform places a lot of emphasis on usability and accessibility, ensuring that users get the maximum benefit out of using this platform.

A notable feature of the Malta Business is Lisa.            
Lisa acts as a personal assistant who is ready to step in and help users with any queries they might have. Currently, Lisa welcomes users on Malta Business homepage, explaining to them the main aims of the expo and her role in ensuring they make the most of this tool. The technology has been finely tuned to adapt across devices, offering the users a seamless experience from one platform to another.

Malta Business seeks to emulate the social dimension of a physical experience to the full. In fact, the developers of this tool have placed a premium on interactivity and user engagement. Each company stand will feature live chat functionality that allows the participants to come in direct contact with interested parties, taking business relationships off the screen and into board rooms where new deals can be closed.

The companies that is represented on the Expo will be able to advertise several ways of encourage communication with people who virtually visit their stand. Besides live chat, other online channels like email, Skype and social media are all supported.

The functionalities afforded by Malta Business make it a very attractive addition to any company trying to expand its marketing reach. However, the central purpose of the sits isn’t to encourage competition between the participating companies, rather it aims to foster a spirit of collaboration. The stance taken by the organisers of the expo is that it will primarily serve to present a the image of Maltese service providers and industry leaders as a solid and sound investment choice for international companies who want to bring their operations on the island.

Foster collaboration amongst local stakeholders
In its homepage Malta Business’s states that is working motto is ‘taking a stand for business’, a phrase it quickly links up with the importance of ‘standing united’ as a small economy made up of high-quality services providers that can easily step up to business requirements on the global level.

In fact, the organisers behind the Malta Business aim to emphasis a lot the strengths shared by local business, and through its information centre spread news about local business successes to a worldwide audience.

The expo intends to bring people together, seeking to connect private industry players with government entities. By linking all stakeholders of the Maltese economy into a collective exposition, the Mata Business Expo will complement individual company market plans with additional exposure and credibility from being linked to other market leaders. And although the organisers recognise that a competitive streak is inherent in Maltese business owners, the expo tries to transcend these barriers and focus on branding Malta as a place to do business in thanks to the collective competencies of the participating firms.

The government pavilion on the site plays an important role in reminding visitors that the Malta Business is first and foremost an endeavour that contributes to the economy on a national level, instead of favouring any particular business over another.

This synergy between government and private businesses enhances the platform’s ability to promote profitable business contacts. The Malta Business will also promote any legislation that makes Malta a more attractive place to invest in, as well as equipping investors with all the information they need to make an informed choice about investing in our country. As such, the Malta Business acts as a crucial information provider, as well as an ice-breaker which makes it easier for foreign investor to familiarise themselves with the potential advantages of setting up shop in Malta. According to the organisers, participating companies stand to benefit from being associated with such an enterprise, which not only raises the profile of individual companies, but also increases Malta’s status as an ideal country to do business in.

Generating interest and enthusiasm locally
The Malta Business is already generating a lot of interest among local businesses which are eager to open up their stand when the concept goes live. At the moment, the expo team is meeting with key stakeholders in the local economy and have been received with unanimous interest in the idea. Several market leaders have confirmed their intention to participate in the expo, including companies like 6PM, Middlesea and MSV. Fimbank plc and GO plc will be main expo partners, with Times of Malta providing a strong presence.

Besides private companies, the exposition will also host stands featuring a number of Maltese associations. There are over 22 associations that have endorsed the concept.
One of the main factors in the interest that this idea is generating is undoubtedly the fact that participating companies will be joining in an innovative venture that is at the cutting edge of online business-to-business collaborations. By taking a stand alongside other organisations, the companies participating in the expo will be taking a concrete step towards consolidating Malta’s image as a strong economy in the perspective of foreign investors.

There are many companies locally who desperately want to grasp the plethora of opportunities beyond our shores, and take their businesses to the next level. Malta Business serves as a springboard for these businesses who can transition onto the international scene more easily and successfully thanks to the unique strengths, benefits and exposure that the expo provides.

Malta Business serves as a catalyst towards helping local business strengthen and expand their influence abroad. The information centre that is part of this expo can be a key asset in their efforts to penetrate foreign markets. Having the convenience of a team that is dedicated to pushing relevant news about your company and even adapting it to specific regions is a definite advantage to any company that is seeking to have a wider impact on its market.

In summary, the Malta Business promises to be a valuable addition to any local company’s marketing efforts. By position themselves as members of this expo, individual companies will not only enjoy the added credibility that comes from collective influence sharing, but also earning access to foreign business links.

As a networking platform for business, the Malta Business has all the tools to complement companies’ presence within it. Moving beyond mere presence, companies can actively engage with each other and potential clients using the user-friendly functionalities.

In view of increased interest by foreign investors in what Malta has to offer, Malta Business puts the biggest contributors to our economy’s success, local businesses, at the forefront of foreign investors’ attention. Besides the added visibility that local businesses will enjoy, the platform also gives them a voice to ensure that each company can successfully convey its particular background and business ethos. Moreover, Malta Business also makes space for the presence of government stands, which will complement the marketing efforts of individual companies by providing investors with key legislative information that can help influence their decision to adopt Malta as their overseas base to do business.

One can say that Malta Business is truly a product of its time. An online platform that harnesses the key elements of digital marketing and implements it using a global strategy that makes it more targeted and effective. The global digital marketing strategy devices and employed by the Malta Business can be viewed as a supplement to local companies’ market plans, one that dramatically extends their reach to areas which alone they’d find too costly to address.

The setting up of the Malta Business will be a step towards helping local business to stand united and advance their common interests of growth and increased international influence, to their betterment and that of the Maltese economy.

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