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FlexiFit: Now in your Office!


For your business, the implications are clear: Encouraging physical activity translates to fewer health issues and improved employee performance – a fact that many large companies figured out long ago. One key thing you can do to achieve this goal is to find a way of motivating employees to start – and keep – exercising.

However, it is also clear that not all employees are still young and fit. Age,  excess weight, injuries and medical issues do not always permit employees to take part in high impact, high energy exercise.

This is where FlexiFit is a leader amongst peers. FlexiFit offers different fitness programs that your employees are going to be more likely to stick to, working on posture and reducing back pain, keeping employees active at work and injury free. Exercises are graded and ideal for people with back and knee problems including sciatica and slipdiscs, overweight employees, middle aged and elderly. This is because exercises are based on functional movements (such as standing tall and climbing stairs), strengthening areas which are directly linked to office performance. This is recommended by doctors and physiotherapists as it greatly reduces back pain and repetitive strain injuries.

Studies have shown how posture is directly linked with office performance and morale. Improved posture at work results in employees being alert for longer and happier at work!

Activities such as FlexiFit, unlike traditional gym classes are a positive approach to team building while learning individual skills. Classes have an immediate and direct impact on office life, which will also improve personal health.

FlexiFit classes are available in 30 to 90 minute sessions, depending on the luxury of time.

Plethora Dance also organizes team building workshops, including FlexiFit, fitness and dance depending on the company’s or individual group’s needs.

For more information call 99490896: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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