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IT Review: Eyesel Business Suite

Writing a review for an Accounting Package can feel repetitive. Let’s face it, without a Nominal Ledger, you cannot keep track of your accounts - so they all have a Nominal Ledger. And an Accounting Package that does not keep track of Debtors and Creditors will soon send you to the poor house, so they all have a Debtors’ Ledger and a Creditors’ Ledger, and control accounts, and so on. Except it’s so passé to call them Debtors and Creditors, they’ve all changed the wording to Customers and Vendors, or Payables and Receivables, just to keep users on their toes, and to keep with the times.


You’ve got (b2b) Mail!

Little academic consideration has been given to the psychological functions fulfilled by digital correspondence. Possibly, because of ubiquity, it becomes difficult to step back and perceive emails as a subject matter for analysis rather than a means to an end.


Teaching Methodologies

It is primarily important to realize that good teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason. This therefore requires a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual to be entrusted with a teaching role. Good teaching for adult learning is also about listening, questioning, being responsive to participants and treating them as individuals. Also, each class or group is different, so any instructor attempting to roll out a standard approach irrespective of the audience will definitely fail irrespective of the methodology adopted. One must remain flexible, ready to experiment with new ideas and must possess the confidence to react and adjust to changing circumstances. A good instructor cares and nurtures his/her participants and strives to develop their minds and talents.


Releasing your Rights

Operators of amusement parks make it very clear that you’ll have to accept responsibility for your own injuries if you use their facilities.  While the way they are written may vary and the law may be different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, most such clauses are generally enforceable.


Editor's Page

When reading the interviews which have recently peppered our media (including the journal - please view the interview with prospective new MEPs on page 04), one notes the impressively strong traits, views and core competences of the individual politicians, and can but hope that these strengths will manage to pull the required strings on our behalf more so than on behalf of the political stakeholders.


Malta Business Taking a stand for business

Malta Business is exposing the Malta based firms exhibiting in the Expo to over 27 industry sectors and reaching out to link to Malta services to 25 countries. This will be achieved using an online tool which allows businesses to easily and effectively connect to potential clients and business partners in real-time, with the option to display their own branding material and stream corporate video.



Now in its thirty-fifth year of operation, Malta’s leading ICT company Computime, employs over 90 industry professionals and has gained widespread respect within the business community for its commitment to deliver on the promise for product and service quality and excellence.

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