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Kevin Attard Compagno

Kevin Attard Compagno

IT Review: Eyesel Business Suite

Writing a review for an Accounting Package can feel repetitive. Let’s face it, without a Nominal Ledger, you cannot keep track of your accounts - so they all have a Nominal Ledger. And an Accounting Package that does not keep track of Debtors and Creditors will soon send you to the poor house, so they all have a Debtors’ Ledger and a Creditors’ Ledger, and control accounts, and so on. Except it’s so passé to call them Debtors and Creditors, they’ve all changed the wording to Customers and Vendors, or Payables and Receivables, just to keep users on their toes, and to keep with the times.


IT Review: MAP.Time

IT Support is something I have been doing for as long as I can remember, and one of the principal concerns has always been accounting for my time. Keeping notes on scraps of paper does not work, and sticky notes attached to the frame of my monitor tend to fall off.

Enter MAP.Time: A comprehensive, web-based, timekeeping solution.


IT Review: The Focus 360 Suite - Inventory Management System

It was a Friday morning, and I made my way to the offices of Focus Software Solutions in Birkirkara. Like many others, my preconceived impression is that IT people and IT systems are generally a boring combination. I can tell you, therefore, that the prospect of an IT review for an Inventory Management System did not seem to offer much in the way of excitement. But the Focus 360 Suite has proven to be far more encompassing than that.

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