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What Lies Beneath

Let me elaborate. During a Q&A session at a recent conference, someone asked, “What has been your greatest challenge as a leader? “Leading me!” someone else answered. “That has always been my greatest challenge as a leader.”


Money Talks

An aircraft maintenance company went about fixing a Boeing 767 brought in for service.  Because it was familiar with the customer, the shop returned the jet to its owners along with a bill for the repairs after completing its work.  When, however, in a few months, the shop didn’t get paid, it placed a repairman’s lien on the plane - recording notice of the monies it was owed.  Suit was eventually filed to foreclose the lien; an open and shut case thought the repair shop.   But in what should be a wake up call for all whose business practice has been to release items before being paid, the court denied the lien enforcement action. 


IT Review: MAP.Time

IT Support is something I have been doing for as long as I can remember, and one of the principal concerns has always been accounting for my time. Keeping notes on scraps of paper does not work, and sticky notes attached to the frame of my monitor tend to fall off.

Enter MAP.Time: A comprehensive, web-based, timekeeping solution.


Excerpts from the Diary of an Operator

Narratives have often been put to good use in order to illustrate potentially complex situations, and interpersonal tensions, but they have been used in only sparingly within the business environment. There is somehow the belief that stories cannot be used to drive home points with the same effectiveness that a well-referenced article can. In the above, without any claim for pretentiousness, one can see a review of concepts such as the psychological contract, individual perceptions in the selection and appraisal context, as well as dynamics relating to ingratiation, team work and collaboration. A single mis-step (perceived unfairness in a promotion situation), leads to a plethora of tensions, and eventually a productive and ambitious employee transitions out into a black sheep who has to be terminated from his role. This can be possibly compared to loose snow on a mountain, which is triggered into an avalanche through small mechanical action. Very often, the challenge in the business world is to recognise the initial attrition, and have the ability to address this, rather than having to manage all the complex consequences of the aftermath.


Q&A: Interview with an Entrepreneur

Malta has evolved very rapidly these last years. While many would argue that we have lost our quaintness and our naturalness, the truth is that quaintness is cute in a window and for a few gawping tourists but development is the only way forward. We now have become another type of show window - not for our “native” origins and barefoot antics but for talented, home-grown creations that a few years ago were not thought possible in our tiny island. Charles & Ron are one of our leading creatives who have managed to break into the world of fashion not just in Malta but also abroad. Victor Calleja met them to hear all about their success, their tribulations and their plans for the future.


Fire Safety in Malta: Time for Change?

Malta is fortunate: there have been no cases of major fires in recent years that have led to large loss of life. This is partly due to traditional building materials in older buildings. However, with the development of building techniques involving modern materials and methods, particularly in multi-storey buildings, such as hotels, it may be only a matter of time before there is a major incident.


Henley Business School in Malta and the Med

In end March of this year, a new group of managers and executives will embark on an exciting journey - for the next two and a half years they will read for one of the most prestigious MBAs in the world, the Henley MBA. This group of ambitious men and women, coming from different businesses and managerial functions, will start their journey with a weekend trip to the UK. The programme members will experience the Henley Business School at Henley-on-Thames, where they will interact with the Henley tutors as well as with fellow students coming from Germany, Finland and Hong Kong.


CRM in a Rapidly Evolving Market

Today, everyone’s connected anywhere they are, and they expect to have information readily accessible at their fingertips. Businesses should focus on providing people with a broad array of insights and actions across internal and external connections by taking advantage of the ever-growing number of channels to connect people with prospects, customers and partners anywhere, anytime utilising popular tools such as Twitter, Facebook or SMSs. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution reimagined to help businesses match, nurture and engage is one that provides massive potential for companies to excel.


SEPA: a step forward towards greater business efficiency

Businesses in Malta are being encouraged to prepare for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) with a focus on its business advantages. Gordon Scicluna, on behalf of the Malta Bankers Association explains how SEPA will bring more efficient cash management and better access to new markets through more consistent domestic and international Euro payments processes.


Editor's Page

Editing issue 47’s ‘The Pygmalion Effect’ had taken me quite by surprise, as I was not accustomed to seeing others instigate performance by motivation, rather than by demotivation.


Levelling Spirits

I’m writing this during the season to be jolly–with holly all around and all the world deeply intent on badgering us into turning into Scrooges of sorts with all the Christmas songs to feed the world sung for a billion times, sometimes over PA systems that grate. It’s also a day or two—I’m in a rather stupefied state of over-indulgence of all things calorific and soporific so all is slightly hazy–after the great Christmas meal to end all meals. Then I was also boxed into feasting on the day after Christmas. o technology except maybe the screens showing the readings or the live broadcast of the mass itself.



The global educational environment has continuously passed through an array of changes and Malta has constantly embraced those changes which benefited local students. We have moved from having no resources, to having books available in libraries and now we have available a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. Classrooms have evolved from the traditional dusty blackboard to the whiteboard which gave way to interactive whiteboards and projectors becoming the norm.  As time passes both in our educational, professional and personal life alike we are experiencing a more rapid increase use of digital devices. Given the readiness of information and the available technology, not being reachable or updated is no longer an excuse.

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