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So why is that most products I see - reek of average? Stink of mass market?  

Why does every accountant’s office I walk in look the same? Either old and fusty or modern and bland?

Why does virtually every new bar that opens in Malta remind me of each other - seriously have we not run out of white leather seating yet???

Where are the innovators, the mavericks, the individuals??  It’s these people who change industries. They change lives. Not the mundane. Not the followers.

We all know this, deep down, yet if I were to show you 10 websites with logos and words and  images blurred out - you would still be able to tell me which industry they’re from. Why is this?

Why is it that when we go to create our new website - we want it to look different but not too different?

The answer lies deep in our psyche. The reptilian brain. Your prehistoric brain stem - that is trying to protect you.  

“Don’t stand out!” it screams at you - “it’s dangerous!”. Don’t draw attention to yourself - failure is possible.  

It’s the one that makes you say - “just playing devils advocate here”.. Well guess what - the devil doesn’t need an advocate he’s quite happy doing it alone.
And so there it is.. You’re in the boardroom and the effect multiplies. You get brave once - but your idea gets watered down by those fearing failure. The allure of compromise. The beginning of the interminable slide to mediocrity. The stench of average.  

So how can this be stopped? Well,  know your enemy. Give this thing a name - “mediocre” works for me. Once it has a name you have a chance to beat it.  

Mediocre adores the status quo; it revels in anonymity. It seeks a place where it’s safe. Only you have the ability to beat it. And we all have that ability. It’s mediocrity that ruins your career and your products. So watch out for mediocrity - he is a sneaky so and so - he disguises himself.

You may see him masquerading as Committees, conferences, and delayed action (boy does he love delayed action - there’s no pain there). “Wait till it’s just right” he’ll tell you. “It’s the way we do things round here” is his other favourite saying, alongside “that will never work”
So keep your team as small as possible - he hates that - and start shipping your product - he hates that even more.

Learn to believe in yourself and give yourself the gift that every parent should wish to give their children.. The gift it choose their OWN path in life.

Good luck and don’t be mediocre/average or lizard like.

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Richard Clarke

“Chief Idiot at Richard Clarke Academy”, founded and owns an Academy teaching students to pass their accountancy exams. The Academy has branches throughout Europe. He believes that small business are perfectly equipped now to take on big businesses and win.

His current academies are all extremely successful as independent businesses against huge PLC competition in the form of BPP and Kaplan. Currently he is tackling the online tuition world with an incredible innovative and individual accountancy tuition site called ‘’.

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