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So why is that most products I see - reek of average? Stink of mass market?  Why does every accountant’s office I walk in look the same? Either old and fusty or modern and bland?  Why does virtually every new bar that opens in Malta remind me of each other - seriously have we not run out of white leather seating yet???  Where are the innovators, the mavericks, the individuals??  It’s these people who change industries. They change lives. Not the mundane. Not the followers.


Valletta, Culture, Vistas And Property

Belair’s love affair with property has always been evident in the way we do things!  Our emphasis on promoting Malta to the world has always been a prerogative that we evidently proved by our various marketing and business development initiatives. For this reason we are now on a mission to promote and bring awareness to our Capital City, which has seen much change and controversy over the past years, many of which were regularly highlighted, namely The City gate demolition, The Roofless Theatre, The New parliament building, The Bus service, Parking scheme, CVA, to mention a few.


The Seabank Hotel Resort & Spa All Inclusive

The Seabank Hotel Resort & Spa is uniquely positioned to manage meetings and events locally.  We know meetings are an important part of your business, and we want to help you make the most of your investment.” This was the impassioned message that Ivan Borg Fernando (Deputy Manager) is bringing across corporate organisations, in his capacity as the Events and Meetings expert.


Accountants or Marketers in the Boardroom?

For far too long has our community depended excessively upon accountants’ short term rounds of exotic debt instruments, excessive leverage, cost cutting and focus on cash. This is a fact which has exacerbated because marketers have self-destructively focused on the measurement of tactical promotional expenditure in an attempt to prove that they are indeed not wasteful, self-indulgent and innumerate.


Lent and Lost

It sounded like a good way to raise some much needed cash – provide a painting from the family’s art collection to a local gallery, doing so on consignment and hoping it would catch the eye of one of the gallery’s customers.


IT Review: The Focus 360 Suite - Inventory Management System

It was a Friday morning, and I made my way to the offices of Focus Software Solutions in Birkirkara. Like many others, my preconceived impression is that IT people and IT systems are generally a boring combination. I can tell you, therefore, that the prospect of an IT review for an Inventory Management System did not seem to offer much in the way of excitement. But the Focus 360 Suite has proven to be far more encompassing than that.


The Executive Event

The Executive Event held on Friday 22nd November, 2013 at Le Meridien St Julian’s Hotel & Spa enjoyed its typical very positive attendance and feedback from top-end Executives, Entrepreneurs and other decision takers and instigators. Certificates of Attendance were distributed to all participants for their perusal of Accreditation and other such matters.


Q&A: Interview with an Entrepreneur

Ever since man stood up on two feet he has had a desire to fly. Mad men tried all sorts of contraptions to ape birds. Many had dreadful falls–even mythology and the bible recount many flights by humans which were either horrid failures like Icarus’ or gilded successes like the angels’ flight and Elijah’s chariot.


Editor's Page

There is an indescribable affinity between the Brits and their very own take on humour. Evidently, even the most conservative of Britons appreciate what could well be the pinnacle of British humour. And perhaps through this appreciation, they bow down to their marketing advisors and consent to make use of humour in their defending of competitive advantage. A most apt example of this is when Margaret Thatcher actually quoted from John Cleese’s glorious parrot sketch - during the Conservative Party Conference in 1990, no less.

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