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Power and Authority in the Workplace

A young child looking up at its parents perceives a sense of security, driven by the impression that the parents possess the strength, knowledge and resources to tackle and address any adversity that may arise. Sigmund Freud publishing Die Traumdeutung (or The Interpretation of Dreams) in 1899, was coming to the realisation that these first encounters are critical in the person’s build of relationships and in the understanding of dynamics relating to trust, power and authority. These first dealings, he theorised later in A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis (1920), would also bear an impact in a person’s relationship with authority, including teachers at school, and eventually with managers in the workplace.


Maximising Employee Potential

Imagine an employee who currently occupies a role with limited opportunities to move forward. Now for argument’s sake, let’s envisage that this employee has an innate talent for being an outstanding sales executive; since his skill was never discovered, the organisation would not only have missed a great opportunity, but would have moreover forfeited for the employee the chance to fulfil a more satisfying role


Communication and Conflict

Many people erroneously think that only humans communicate. This cannot be farther from the truth. Practically all of God’s creatures communicate with each other (or at least with members of their own species) in one way or another. Birds sing and chirp, monkeys cry, dolphins use clicking sounds and dogs, apart from barking to communicate with other dogs, use their eyes and body language to communicate with humans.

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