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End-user device management

Let users choose, without compromising compliance

With the growing proliferation of devices and technology platforms across the enterprise, the deployment, management and support of end user devices and environment is becoming a complex and daunting task. Do you have visibility and control? How many devices are you managing? Do they meet all compliance requirements?

IT is trying to enable people to choose their devices, but must also reduce costs and complexity as well as maintain security and compliance by protecting data and having comprehensive settings management across platforms. For this reason, organisations today are struggling to balance their administrators’ need for managing infrastructure, devices and systems while also accommodating employee requests to be more in control of their computers and devices.

Employees are bringing their own iPhones, iPads, and Android devices to work and using them for business purposes. It is an unstoppable trend and while that may be great for productivity, the influx of personal smartphones and tablets in the workplace can pose a significant risk to your organisation’s security if you don’t have an appropriate mobile device strategy in place.

A device management strategy and solution can help provide consistent access to corporate resources, regardless of device or location. Most solutions will allow organisations to extend Configuration Manager infrastructure to support remote management of mobile devices, enabling publication of corporate apps and services across device types.

They also typically allow you to apply policies across various devices and platforms to meet compliance and security requirements, and most importantly remove corporate data and applications when a device is lost, stolen, or retired from use.
Today, work happens on the go. For users, this flexibility which comes with mobile devices is incredibly useful and beneficial but for IT managers, it means managing any sort of device anytime, anywhere. Therefore, companies may either choose to have stringent policies and deny the user independence which will result in employee resentment and higher attrition, or give the users complete freedom and flexibility whilst maintaining control at the core of the company.

In the end productivity is the main goal and User Centric IT and mobile devices are simply a means to that end. By delivering unified application and device management, both on-premises as well as remote access, you can empower people to work from the devices they choose while providing consistent access to, and protection of, corporate applications and data.

Curt Gauci is director and co-Founder of Kinetix IT Solutions, a local leading IT Systems Integrator. Kinetix are HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Kerio, Trend Micro and Symantec certified partners.
With years of experience in network and data security, Kinetix IT solutions have taken user device management as the next natural step. After carrying out a device audit, Kinetix are able to help protect the client company from all the threats, by giving IT departments the ability to securely enrol devices in an enterprise environment, wirelessly configure and update settings, monitor compliance with corporate policies, and even remotely wipe or lock managed devices.

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