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Interview with an Entrepreneur

Lorenzo Mule’ Stagno comes across as positive, sprightly and capable. He is a well-known lecturer, heads a company that represents one of the world’s top business schools and still thinks of himself as a teacher first and foremost. Be he a teacher at heart, a mentor or a businessman, the man rarely loses his smile, not even when discussing stress and his own failings and failures. In fact the interview I had with him was more than fun and sprinkled throughout with bursts of laughter. Although very accomplished as a lecturer and quite an extrovert I did have a problem getting the full picture of what he does and does well. He kept insisting with me that he hated boasting and sounding arrogant. As I have found in the many times I have heard him lecture he knows how to capture an audience but he also can deliver a meaningful message in all he says.


Editor's Page

I was but a kid working for an IT hardware store when I was approached by a never-ending pair of legs and invited to buy advertising for my boss. Having explained to them that the timing was not right for that particular availability, I thought that that was that.


A Sunday Lunch the way you like it

With the winter season approaching, the heart-warming Sunday lunch tradition resumes itself all over the island. Le Méridien St Julians Hotel & Spa has successfully revisited the formula and revived the concept. For the upcoming months at Scirocco restaurant, everyone is really spoiled for choice. Whether you are vegetarian, gluten intolerant, on a sugar free diet or just very hungry, the new Le Méridien Sunday lunch menu gives you plenty of options.


Power and Authority in the Workplace

A young child looking up at its parents perceives a sense of security, driven by the impression that the parents possess the strength, knowledge and resources to tackle and address any adversity that may arise. Sigmund Freud publishing Die Traumdeutung (or The Interpretation of Dreams) in 1899, was coming to the realisation that these first encounters are critical in the person’s build of relationships and in the understanding of dynamics relating to trust, power and authority. These first dealings, he theorised later in A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis (1920), would also bear an impact in a person’s relationship with authority, including teachers at school, and eventually with managers in the workplace.


Maximising Employee Potential

Imagine an employee who currently occupies a role with limited opportunities to move forward. Now for argument’s sake, let’s envisage that this employee has an innate talent for being an outstanding sales executive; since his skill was never discovered, the organisation would not only have missed a great opportunity, but would have moreover forfeited for the employee the chance to fulfil a more satisfying role


Communication and Conflict

Many people erroneously think that only humans communicate. This cannot be farther from the truth. Practically all of God’s creatures communicate with each other (or at least with members of their own species) in one way or another. Birds sing and chirp, monkeys cry, dolphins use clicking sounds and dogs, apart from barking to communicate with other dogs, use their eyes and body language to communicate with humans.


Better Safe Than Sorry

Safety culture or climate is not a difficult idea, but it is usually described in terms of concepts such as ‘trust’, ‘values’, ‘ideas’, ‘beliefs’ and ‘attitudes’ that all members of an organisation share about risk, accidents and ill-health. It can be difficult to describe what these mean, but one can judge whether a company has a good safety culture from what its employees actually do rather than what they say.


Back to the Drawing Board

You might assume that a design professional has the exclusive rights to any drawings or blue prints which he or she creates. But in fact there are exceptions. Much depends on the actual circumstances surrounding their production.


The Madness of Kings and other subjects

Except for a few eccentrics and the odd film-star no one in his right mind believes that leeches–and maggots–stuck to your body can do much good to you or your constitution. The only good thing they can do is test a man’s manliness—but I for one would gladly cry, holler and be called unmanly and worse if any medic now, or in the future, ever prescribes or tries that stuff on me. The thought itself is enough to send me insane.


The CCTV Revolution Switching to HD

IP technology has opened new horizons in video surveillance allowing the images captured from cameras to be transmitted as chunks of data over a network infrastructure while the recording medium is now a digital computer and the image quality is measured in megapixels, hence these systems are sometimes also referred to as megapixel surveillance.


IT Solutions that Suit your Business

Operating since 1994, Information Systems Limited has developed into one of Malta’s leading software houses and has established a strong international presence in countries across Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Serving clients in diverse industries, ISL’s portfolio of products include ERP solutions, Automotive dealer management systems, elearning, and bespoke software solutions.

ISL is a provider of comprehensive, cost-effective and innovative business software solutions that meet every business need and which are backed up by a unique commitment to customer satisfaction.


End-user device management

With the growing proliferation of devices and technology platforms across the enterprise, the deployment, management and support of end user devices and environment is becoming a complex and daunting task. Do you have visibility and control? How many devices are you managing? Do they meet all compliance requirements?

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