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Victor Calleja

Victor Calleja

Victor Calleja has been involved in publishing, marketing, and anything concerning the written word, for over thirty years. He is now a part-time but very opinionated journalist who delves deeply into a number of subjects.

Levelling Spirits

I’m writing this during the season to be jolly–with holly all around and all the world deeply intent on badgering us into turning into Scrooges of sorts with all the Christmas songs to feed the world sung for a billion times, sometimes over PA systems that grate. It’s also a day or two—I’m in a rather stupefied state of over-indulgence of all things calorific and soporific so all is slightly hazy–after the great Christmas meal to end all meals. Then I was also boxed into feasting on the day after Christmas. o technology except maybe the screens showing the readings or the live broadcast of the mass itself.


Interview with an Entrepreneur

Lorenzo Mule’ Stagno comes across as positive, sprightly and capable. He is a well-known lecturer, heads a company that represents one of the world’s top business schools and still thinks of himself as a teacher first and foremost. Be he a teacher at heart, a mentor or a businessman, the man rarely loses his smile, not even when discussing stress and his own failings and failures. In fact the interview I had with him was more than fun and sprinkled throughout with bursts of laughter. Although very accomplished as a lecturer and quite an extrovert I did have a problem getting the full picture of what he does and does well. He kept insisting with me that he hated boasting and sounding arrogant. As I have found in the many times I have heard him lecture he knows how to capture an audience but he also can deliver a meaningful message in all he says.


The Madness of Kings and other subjects

Except for a few eccentrics and the odd film-star no one in his right mind believes that leeches–and maggots–stuck to your body can do much good to you or your constitution. The only good thing they can do is test a man’s manliness—but I for one would gladly cry, holler and be called unmanly and worse if any medic now, or in the future, ever prescribes or tries that stuff on me. The thought itself is enough to send me insane.

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