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Victor Calleja

Victor Calleja

Victor Calleja has been involved in publishing, marketing, and anything concerning the written word, for over thirty years. He is now a part-time but very opinionated journalist who delves deeply into a number of subjects.

a Hotel steeped in History

Some sites in a country go beyond the iconic, not just oozing style but forming part of history. Acquiring this status is far from easy but it is even harder to satisfy the expectations that people have of such a place. Running such a place must be an act of top anxiety but the Phoenicia Hotel’s GM makes everything seem easy as all moves like clockwork. The Executive meets up with Charles Azzopardi, the hotel’s affable head who tells us all about the hotel and its status and how he still manages to smile even when under unbelievable stress.


Global warning

I’m writing this while a gale is blowing, with the rain coming down in its proverbial canine and feline proportions. I’m not a great lover of rain or wind and I can’t say I ever get too raptured by seeing the YouTube top 100 videos of Fido and his bosom friend Pussy.


Q&A: Interview with an Entrepreneur

Malta has evolved very rapidly these last years. While many would argue that we have lost our quaintness and our naturalness, the truth is that quaintness is cute in a window and for a few gawping tourists but development is the only way forward. We now have become another type of show window - not for our “native” origins and barefoot antics but for talented, home-grown creations that a few years ago were not thought possible in our tiny island. Charles & Ron are one of our leading creatives who have managed to break into the world of fashion not just in Malta but also abroad. Victor Calleja met them to hear all about their success, their tribulations and their plans for the future.

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